Spring always brings about new ideas and change! The summer concluded with the “top achievers” meeting and the formation of THE ALLIANCE FOR SAFE PRACTICE for Permanent Makeup and tattoo Industry. I am very excited to see this in place. To find women who have had less than pleasing results from a permanent cosmetics technician, breaks my heart. It will be nice for a patient to know what level of experience and technician has reached.

This winter was busy with the IICE convention where I taught several classes and demonstrations on the “grand stage”. I met a few technicians that I will forever remain friends. My skin care products designed for the Premier Pigments “PARIS PRESCRIPTIVES” were unveiled. I was truly excited! By the next IICE convention we should have more than the first 3.

With all my years of experience, I have felt the need to elaborate on my techniques. My permanent eyebrows are more believable than ever. Truly, depth and dimension. The lips seem to create a real fullness and richness in color. The “shade” above and around the eyeliner has been truly fun. From just color’s I have started doing highlights above the eyeliner and below the eyebrow.

What a great time to be a woman!! If we want to fix it, change it, lift it, color it, remove it or enhance it, now is the time we can DO IT!! I love my patients and find myself, daily, surrounded by warm, genuine women. I thank God everyday to be doing something I love. 🙂

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