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Here is my experience after you finished with my beautiful eyebrows. My 13 year old grandson came home from school that afternoon and came to find me to tell me about his day. His response “Mamma how did you get so young today?!!! Really!! You look young!” Then few days later a friend said I looked really good and asked “did you get your hair cut?” My hair had been cut over 2 months ago. People are noticing me more.

Donna von Bose

Hi. My name is Kelly and about 8-10 years ago I got permanent eyeliner. It’s amazing and still is.I like it when sometimes I only put on mascara. I feel like I’m in full makeup. The eyeliner makes a HUGE difference in your eyes. Vicki did such a good job and I felt very comfortable while the process was happening. She cares for all of her clients and I’m very blessed I found her. If I ever need a touch up or anything else, I’ll definitely use her. She’s an artist!!

Kelly M. Cave

Vicki is by far the best artist out there. She is a perfectionist. Before I met her, I had no idea it was even possible to achieve such results. She looks at your face, listens to what you desire, gives a suggestion, takes time to make all the proper measurements and then creates a beautiful new you. She recreated the shape of my eyes I used to have before upper blepharoplasty by creating a beautiful eyeliner that elongated my eyes just the way they used to be… I love your work Vicki. I will never find another artist who will bw as good as you are..

Katerina Svianaidze

My experience with Vicki Hanson was amazing. It’s almost a year later since getting a permanent eyeliner. This is a luxury worth more than 100 spa trips. I look younger, i’m saving time in my morning routine, and looking great no matter what time it is. I go swimming without runny eyeliner, I cry without a messy face, and I wake up with eyes that pop. I couldn’t be more pleased. The process was painless and worth it!

Susan Darr

At the age of 40, I started losing my eyebrows. Each morning I spend about 15-20 minutes trying to make sure they were even and looked natural, which never really happened so I decided to call Vicki. She worked me in on a day she had originally planned to take off. I arrived to my appointment and she could tell I was extremely nervous. She took the time to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable before starting. She took time to make sure my brows were even and the color matched my hair color. During the procedure, she made sure I was comfortable and experiencing no pain. Afterwards, she took time to discuss my care and healing process of my new brows. I’m so grateful for Vicki and her professionalism, knowledge, and top of the line bedside manners. She is truly talented.

Annette Miertschin Schlump

Permanent makeup has made part of my everyday life so much easier. I have had many different procedures done and have always been happy and amazed at her artistic abilities. Everything she does, she does with care and precision. I have known Vicki for many many years, not only does she have a unique gift, but she has a unique heart! I am definitely a Client and a Friend for Life… Truly the Best in Texas!

Susie Hawkins

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