I.C.T., M.A.

Vicki Hansen

Vicki Hansen joined the fashion & beauty industry more than 30 years ago. This industry led her to the very new field of Permanent Cosmetics in 1992. Vicki has worked in several Plastic Surgery practices throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as several other southern cities. As an experienced medical Aesthetician, Vicki has trained Nurses, Physicians & Aestheticians in the field of Aesthetics, including chemistry behind different Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion techniques and Dermal Needling/Rolling. Vicki spent the last decade teaching advanced permanent make up techniques at the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics (AIIC). She also taught comprehensive permanent make up courses at Advanced Cosmetic Spa & Academy in Naperville, Illinois.As a Master Permanent Makeup artist and a member of the SPCP, Vicki specializes in advanced permanent make up procedures, Microblade/microetched Eyebrows, 3D Areola restoration, scar camouflage at her studio in Arlington, Texas. She educates and mentors students in these specialized techniques and is a guest educator at several clinic’s around the U.S.

Rhonda Lawyer

Rhonda is our Coordinator/Scheduler/ Patient Liaison who Schedules all permanent makeup patients appointments with Vicki HansenRhonda has a proven track record for success. As a well-known “go getter” of real estate agents in Arlington, Texas, Rhonda married and began an equally successful journey of motherhood. As a previous patient of Vicki’s, Rhonda stepped out of temporary retirement and choose to work with Vicki.

Assistant and Patient Coordinator

Specialty: Areola Tattooing

Thursdays and Fridays

$650.00 Bilateral

$350 Unilateral

Teri Holseberg

Teri Holseberg is a breast cancer survivor with an artistic and creative background that spans over 35 years. Her faith and God-given talent has led her to bring her pink sisters through the final stage of breast reconstruction. She has broadened her artistic horizons to include the human canvas by providing both temporary and permanent areola tattoo options.

Teri has joined Vicki’s Making Faces as a staff member for permanent areola artistry and has created her own line of temporary tattoo’s designed specifically for breast cancer survivors with her company Voilà INKorporated.

It is Teri’s deepest desire to replace the scars that breast cancer leaves behind with something beautiful.

Lisa Fryberger

Lisa Fryberger is a former spokes model and flight attendant. With her husband she successfully managed their large appliance store – even fixing, delivering and running service calls. She started working with Vicki when her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She wanted to find a way to help the hundreds of people she saw at oncologist’s offices who had lost their hair, aged prematurely and had scars. Under Vickis sharp eye, and instructional ninja skill Lisa was able to develop her passion helping people with scars, scalps, and aging. Lisa has been with Vicki since 2016.


Pro Cell/Microneedling treatments

Scalp Density treatments for women

Teaches Eyebrow classes

Areola tattooing classes:  4 to 5 day classes

Microblading : 5 Day class, 6 people per class

$2,900 per student

Specialty: Lipo Laser

$150.00 per session

Carolyn Hansen

Carolyn Hansen specializes in Lipo Laser. The Lipo laser uses a safe and painless biostimulation effect. The treatment does not have any side effects or cause damage to the body tissues or neighboring nerves and organs. The Lipo laser is effective on all types of skins with unwanted fat. It is a painless, fat-reduction treatment that is safe and gives permanent results. The technology is an FDA approved treatment procedure for hip, waist and thigh fat. The treatment does not involve incisions; fat is removed from the body naturally and results appear gradually. The process is painless, and patients can resume working immediately after treatment, according to the Whole Health Medical Center.

A complimentary addition to this procedure includes Guided Visualization and Emotional release during the session.

Debbie Lowe

Debbie has always had a love for art. Born and raised in Texas she received a Bachelor of fine arts from the University of North Texas. Her canvas is the skin. As a “more mature” woman herself, she sees the benefits of and need for permanent makeup. She believes she can contribute her skills and satisfy her love of art by helping women boost their self confidence and enhance their own natural beauty.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

$300 with a $75 follow up

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